Seismic Risk Assessment and Mitigation in the Antakya-Maras Region on the


basis of Microzonation, Vulnerability and Preparedness Studies ( SERAMAR)

Description of the project SERAMAR


The objective of the project is to utilize current tools for earthquake risk mitigation within an environment where research entities from the European Research Area, local universities in Turkey and professional associations as well as local governments are able to establish a unique partnership that would serve as a model for similar future endeavors. The steps might be encapsulated as:


  • The thorough microzonation of an urban area being situated in a seismically exposed region of Turkey in the forefront of a damaging seismic event. This will need to be preceded by a complete documentation of the exposed building stock and its overall characteristics.


  • The assessment of hazard, vulnerability, strategies and measures for risk mitigation, and improvement of preparedness.


  • The protection and conservation of cultural heritage against earthquake-induced effects.


  • Demonstration of the benefits of the study to local governments that will be involved in the studies.





Project Partners


Mustafa Kemal Üniversity, Turkey

Bauhaus Universitat-Weimar, Germany

Middle East Technical University, Turkey




Contact Information

Adress: Mustafa Kemal University,Civil  Engineering Department, Iskenderun/Hatay, Turkey
Phone: (+90) 326 613 56 00- 4239
Fax: ( +90) 326 613 56 13

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