The Seramar Project


SERAMAR stands for Seismic Risk Assessment and Mitigation in the Antakya -Maras Region on the Basis of Microzonation, Vulnerability and Preparedness Studies. The region straddles the area where the Dead Sea Fault Zone (DSFZ) blends into the East Anatolian Fault Zone (EAFZ), and is now an economically fast growing, increasingly more densely populated area that has been visited in its seismic past by many destructive earthquakes. The reduction of the risk in the urban centers is therefore of great importance for the cities that are exposed to the hazard.



The main objective of the SERAMAR project has been to utilize current tools for earthquake risk assessment in anticipation of the next damaging seismic event and to establish a unique partnership between universities, professional associations and local governments that might serve as a model for similar future activities in Turkey and other seismically susceptible areas of the world.


The Program of the Session


Date : 25 September 2012

Time : 17:15-19:15 (120 mts)


Important Dates:

Deadline for abstract submission: 15th March 2012

Deadline for paper

submission:   15 April 2012

Features of the Special Theme Session


 . International collaboration for risk reduction

 . Intrinsic characteristics and sociological compo­sition

 . Lack of prevention and preparedness and their possible consequences

 . Social vulnerability, resilience of inhabitants

 . Hybrid techniques for vulnerability assessment and their application to local predominant building types (Masonry and RC frame structures)